Dining room and tables setup at St. Clair O'Connor Community

Dietary Services

Our department provides daily nutritional home cooked meals in the main floor dining room. We also provide therapeutic diets and texture-modified meals for those that request them.  Our food menu is vast and our on-site chef can make special order requests. We are happy to cater your private function such as a birthday, anniversary, small wedding, or shower. We work with your budget to provide a top level experience.

Hairdresser assisting a resident at St. Clair O'Connor Community

Hairdressing Services

Haircuts and other beauty needs can be accommodated at our in house spa. Our beauty experts are licensed and experienced with your hair and beauty needs.

Housekeeper cleaning

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

Experienced cleaning staff on-site are made available to clean rooms for residents for a flexible rate. Many different service options are available and include: light housekeeping, laundry, intensive cleaning, and many more.

I go down to the dining hall with my friends almost every night. It's a great time to catch up on the day".
Patti L (resident since 2008)
I love that I can prepare these great meals for the residents and they appreciate it so much. It's such a highlight of my day to hear al l the positive feedback".
Stacey M (Chef)
Before coming to SCOC I ate alone a lot of the time. Since my husband passed I didn't have a lot of my own friends. now I meet new people everyday".
Fara J (resident since 2007)