The Send a Smile Project

The recent coronavirus outbreak has left millions across the globe feeling lonely and isolated. While this is a challenging time for all, it will pass. In the meantime; however, we are learning to adapt how we connect with people and finding new ways to stay in touch.

As such, my partner and I have founded The Send a Smile Project- a pen pal initiative that aims to connect residents in senior living homes with younger generations in the Toronto area. The desire to stay connected is an intergenerational one, and we believe The Send a Smile Project will be beneficial to all members of the community. We would love to ask you at the Saint Clair O’Connor Community Centre to be among the first recipients of the project. Here’s how it will work:

If you are interested in communicating with a pen pal, you will be paired with one of our lovely vol-unteers for the duration of the summer. Our team will drop off a handwritten letter from your pen pal at the beginning of each week. You will have the rest of the week to open, contemplate and re-spond to your letter. We will be back at the end of the week to pick up your response letters and send them off to your pen pals. If you are more comfortable communicating with your pen pal through email we can also accommodate that. While we aim to connect the community through handwritten letters, we encourage artwork and other means as well. Get creative! On behalf of our team of volunteers, we are greatly looking forward to connecting with you.

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Talk to you soon,

The Send a Smile Project Team

The Send a Smile Project

Please sign-up if you are interested in writing and receiving a letter from a new friend.

You can contact Celina Sheppard at
or phone 416-757-8757 ext. 250

Or you can connect with Reception to sign-up, email:
or phone 416-757-8757