St. Clair O’Connor Community Inc. is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to developing a safe and caring environment for gracefully aging seniors. SCOC as it’s affectionately known is an intergenerational community for families both young and older that focuses on creating a safe and encouraging place in a congregated setting.

While being able to enjoy an intimate and private living existence, seniors at SCOC are also provided with many resources to engage with the community and foster relationships with their fellow residents as well as the staff.


“ I wanted my mom and dad in a place where she wouldn’t be shut in all the time if she didn’t want to. At SCOC it’s more like an extended family. She goes out when she wants to, and if she wants to be alone for a while she can do that too, it’s really the best of both”

– John T.


Our Location

The East York area of Toronto is a tight knit community where many people know each other and are always willing to lend a hand.

The area supports a local grocery store as well as drug store that deliver prescription medication to the residents regularly.

St.Clair O’Connor Community Inc. is easily accessible by TTC. Taking the 70A O’Connor towards Eglinton from Coxwell Station will place you right in front of the SCOC doors.

By car you can access SCOC by taking the DVP north, and get off at the Don Mills road exit. Turn left onto O’Connor Drive (keep left at the fork) and you’ll see us at O’Connor Drive and St.Clair Ave East.

Vision Statement

“SCOC is a leader in creating and nurturing a mutually caring community for Seniors and Families”

Mission Statement

St. Clair O’Connor Community Inc. is a non-profit partnership between the broader community and Danforth Mennonite and Toronto United Mennonite Churches providing a range of accommodation and a continuum of care, a variety of life-affirming activities and programmes for seniors in the surrounding neighbourhoods. SCOC seeks to be a caring, intergenerational community which nurtures the health and well-being of its residents

What We Value

  • the Mennonite heritage of Christian faith upon which the Community was founded;
  • the intergenerational aspect of SCOC;
  • the diverse culture, ethnicity, family traditions and spiritual beliefs within the Community;
  • the dignity, autonomy and unique worth of each person;
  • opportunities for spiritual growth, worship and service to others;
  • the ongoing training, development and commitment of staff;
  • the contribution of volunteers;
  • the importance of adapting to changing needs identified within the Community.

Our Fundraising Efforts

The St. Clair O’Connor Community Inc. is a vibrant part of the community. While we do receive some funding from government grants, SCOC also relies on donations and fundraising efforts in order to keep the infrastructure of St.Clair O’Connor Community going.

Our goal this year is to raise enough money to be able to re-open our indoor swimming pool. This pool will not only be a great addition to the health of the senior residents, it will also be a public pool where the community can gather for water activities and programming.

We’re getting close to our goal, but continued support is always welcomed. You can help support us by attending some of our fundraising events or making a donation to the St.Clair O’Connor Community.

Together we can help develop a community we can all be proud of.