St. Clair O’Connor Community Foundation

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The St. Clair O’Connor Community Foundation supports initiatives that foster life-affirming living arrangements, programs and activities enabling older persons to meaningfully participate in inclusive intergenerational communities.


We value the dignity and importance of each person, irrespective of age or health.


We value smaller, person-centered programs for people who have diminished capacity to decide where they live or what they do.


We value collaborations and partnerships, and will strive to work with and through others in everything we do.


We value innovation, flexibility and adaptability and believe these traits will help us better serve the communities to which we belong.


We value the communities we are connected to: SCOC, Danforth Mennonite Church, Toronto United Mennonite Church, our East York neighbours and Mennonite communities of Greater Toronto.


We value honesty and integrity, and will align our business practices with our values.

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