AODA Multi-year Accessibility Plan

SCOC is committed to be in compliance with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (ASCS) and to meet the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in accordance with the requirements of the Integrated Accessibility Standards (IAS).

AODA Multi-Year Plan

Accessibility Policy

SCOC is committed to being responsive to the needs of residents, families, staff, and visitors. We strive to respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. We are committed to giving persons with disabilities the same opportunities to access and benefit equally from all the programs, services, and goods as others.

Accessibility Policy

Emergency Preparedness and Response Manual

The purpose of this policy manual is to direct departmental staff in implementing Extendicare’s national operational standards within the home.

Policy Manual

Your Feedback

Providing quality service that is accessible to our tenants, visitors, applicants or others who use our services is important to us. Your comments, complaints and compliments will help us monitor and improve our services and your service experiences. Your feedback will help us identify where changes should be considered, ways in which we can improve how we deliver services to tenants and other people with disabilities, and what we are doing a good job at.

Feedback form